Saw your house photo and phone number on cover of a real estate magazine. That was a Sunday morning, @ 8am. called you. You answered the phone, and knew from that minute, you would find me a celebrity home. Knew what I wanted, and within 24 hours, heard back from you, as was flying across country. You had no hesitation in working with a movie star, since my profession is not only across the United States- in Europe and Africa too. You found me a very very private and secluded home, away from the paparazzi. Like mentioned, you had no attitude problems @ eight o’clock in the morning, you stuck with me as crazy-demanding as I was, am very grateful for this new world I live in.
Beverly Hills

     AKA: RV Guru, ("Mr Jim"). My RV Toys, My family and RV Family Assoc, all award and thank you, for moving us out of an anti-friendly RV city Calif. All of your former RV Clients, said, you are KING in RV Lots and your are #1!!!!! You found my RV Bus a new home in Yorba Linda, along with a RV Friendly Neigborhood and environment. My said Lot is #1 for RV storage and plenty of parking both on the street and driveway, for my family. YORBA LINDA IS ALL ABOUT FAMILY LIFESTYLES. Big thanks and know FAMILY MOTORHOME COACH ASSOC. will always use you.
RVer Yorba Linda......

     Boy did I land a "sweepstakes" with both you and your services. This home you found for us, is better then any HOME AND GARDEN TV show you have produced and is better then the $1M Sweepstakes Award. U are a true Irishman and great sales personality. Keep up the good work and stay in touch from time to time.
Beverly Hills-Bel Air.

      ( Jimmie) u came recommended as professional and knowing your gardening and landscape horticulture, from : } Assoc and Assoc. U showed my wife countless properties with landscape pallet from around the world. My wife testifies, you are a world wide horticutlural achiever and found us this horticulture paradise in orange hills. My wife thinks you are #1 in world, for finding her ( & me) this gem and artist den for painting. You are complete. Could not be any happier in our lifes, thanks to ya.
Orange Hills Retreat.

     Jim like I said, First time we lost money in California real estate. You made up for it, by relocating us into a retirement community in San Diego. Since my wife had a crippling stroke, without your professional services, we would’ve never completed the transaction from Cypress to San Diego.
Seniors in Cypress

     Even the way the market is, you stood by us and listed our property for more than two years, while we made the transaction from Palos Verdes to New Jersey, for job relocation. Never once did you fail to correspond with my corporate office in regards to all the incidentals. How many realtors who will travel between Los Angeles and New York to consummate a transaction? You are #1.
Law Offices in West Los Angeles.

     Dreamed of living in the Long Beach Marina- Naples area. You had a pocket listing, which was a perfect match for me. Much Thanks. Process went smooth, no problems, no MLS druthers and no outside realtors or threats from brokerages. My lifelong dream has become a reality of living at the docks and enjoying water front, good neighbors. Could never imagine of moving in to a waterfront home, 101% furnished and spotless too. My 2nd life is perfect, thanks to you.
Mom @ Long Beach Marina

     Congratulations Jim, you created this LLC and hung in w/ a nine-month escrow. This group is more than happy, as we have a positive cash flow from an apartment complex you found us in Long Beach. Fantastic investment. Unbelievable, your title company was even able to negotiate oil rights with the RR Company, dating back to the late 1800s. You are truly an investor agent. $$$ is flowing!!!
LLC/ Laguna Beach

     My husband died, and the Corporation was in default, you introduced me to all the right people, and were able to sail the Corp. ship; liquidate both the estate and the business, and found this awesome condo, for me, on the waterfront. Great job.
Palos Verdes Estates.

     Before you came along, our property had been on the market for more than two years. You listed the property and sold it within three months; also' re-located us into Northern California. Our marriage is back to normal, and we do not have to travel inner-state anymore. You stuck with us, where no other realtors did & were 100% honest. You held countless open houses, like you promised in writing....Escrow was smooth and punctual. We are happy campers.
X- La Palma Residents

     Enigma, to max! Called you, met for dinner and you found me and my family, a private vacation home. WE NEVER HAD TO SHOP, EVERYTHING WAS DONE ON LINE. Can not believe, completed the deal in only 2 visits. Painless and worth it. My life as a brain surgeon was not interupted completing the deal.
Laguna Physician.

     Mr J you made my life complete for my late Bros, in Leasure World/ Seal Beach Community. He did not live long, after you relocated by Bros out of an apartment and in to Heaven gates of Leasure World. He always remarked of the golf view and closeness to the carports. Thanks for your efforts, lastly, in selling this stock, during our families grief and start of a new life to our bros. Leasure World was his last cake in life and he truely enjoyed your find.
Leasure World.

     Jim, we were scared to work with “any” Caucasian realtor, as we thought you would short us & lie..... You not only sold our Lakewood home, but found this beautiful home in Cerritos, along with the best school district we could want for our two (2) children. Also, our three (3) friends who used your services; cannot speak enough good things about you. Thanks for following us every step of the way w/ all of the contracts, as my husband was ready to bail, if you had not helped us understand the mortgage conracts.
Newbie’s Cerritos.

     Big thanks for negotiating the sale of our home in Palos Verdes, as we were in a nasty divorce, and you never once lost your temper during the sale, even though my husband and I have not talked for many years. You really know all the contractors, decorators etc., for completing the sale with both my husband and I, we all benefited from your services.

Divorced Palos Verdes Estates

      Mr. James; Sis and me lived in this home for more then 6 decades. House was old but home to both of us. We loved it, but health stated otherwise. You got the home up to the HOOPLA
of North Downians Dwellers, we are greatful for this & is sold and behind us. Living in Retir. home is no fun, but the house was much. Thanks for all of your ideas, implimentations and getting the home sold to a family, which can enjoy for the next 50 + Yrs. Sorry my writing is not current readings.
North Downey Bros/Str.

     Great Job James. Imagine, my own home, even with my questionable credit history. Being FT nurse, did not have a lot of time for a search. You led me to the financing and the REO Home, bingo the puzzle came together. Home is awesome & will produce some income to aid in mthly payments. Glad you were able to think outside the box.
California Heights/ Long Beach Nurse.

    Best Salesmen for my new Condo Development....Jim superb job on selling all of the condo units during the construction phase of my new planned development. You never missed a day of work, showed all of the brand new condos until sold and completed all of the post escrow paperwork after occupancy. The new HOA is complete, thanks for your attention to details.
Condo Developer.

     Met you in a Long Beach rental unit. Never in a million years, did I think you could get me a loan, along with a finding me a turnkey condominium. I told you what my dream condo would be and the first unit you showed me was a dream come true. Cannot believe I’m living in 100% white /white/ white condominium, and not paying for a landlord’s mortgage , nor paying income tax. You really made my life worth living as a teacher. You and the lender, both held me thru all aspects of the transition, in order to make understanding and signing all docs a painless event. You are an amazing individual, as you are a mind reader, as you have the ability of reading my mind, understanding my antiques dimensions and coming up with the most perfect condo in the entire world. Every Morning when I back out of my garage, I want to blow you a halo kiss, thanks God for Jim.
Cypress First Time Homeowner.

     Jim, you are the only realtor, who would work with me and my partner, as the market was so tight, I think we bided on over a dozen in half properties. Cannot believe we landed in a dream come true single-family home in Newport Beach, along with a swimming pool and privacy. There were no properties with a swimming pool, along the coast cities, but you perceived and found this dream come true. It was a long year, argued with a lot of realtors, seller was terminally ill andddddddd you more than earned your commission.
Newport Beach Lifetime Partners.

     Great job for my wife, her mom, dog and myself. You really knew the area, when you located this historical home here in Artesia. We can not be prouder of this bit of history/ vintage architecture. You went over the calls of duty as realtor, when you located the plumbers and granite installers. You timed all the contractors perfectly, escrow closed, and bingo; the contractors started demo and install. As you know, we moved in and everything blumed like a new homested. You even provided us with a LIVING TRUST, as done of our friends had ever heard of a trust in place, during end of escrow. You are really a self contained realtor and escrow closer. Believe me, you will be getting all of our referrals. We installed a time capsule in one of the kitchen repaired walls & your name is in it. You got to hang around for another 50-100 yrs, so the bottle can be removed.
New Stock Holders in Artesia

     The market was awful. You are the third realtor to list my property. You got our property up to current speed, sold the property, and found me, this single story small home in the beach community. I was too old for the old homestead in Yorba Linda, and love my new home in South County. As an old grandma, I fit nicely into this home, and can navigate the small home style community of Laguna.
Retiree in Yorba Linda.

     Can not thank you enough for all your efforts. Jim, no one ever arranged a over night sleep, in a home for sale and you came thru, even the nite before Thanksgiving. Like you said, the Sorrento Homes are well built, quiet and no crime. Family loves our new Sorrento Home in Cypress. Really a step up in neighborhood and school district. Teen loves Oxford HS.
Cypress Sorento Family.

     Unbelievable, award-winning service. How many times Jim, did you travel between ((Los Angeles/San Francisco/Denver)), to liquidate our properties, during these rough senior years. You not only found buyers for everything, but landed me in this dream come true, small seniors home in Malibu, California. My hat is off to you, your excellent property manager skills, along with a seasoned realtor.
Malibu/Long Beach Senior

     My income depends on you .........for the past decade. You always find me the perfect vacant lot; counsel me about building a new home, and selling the property. Keep up the good work Jim, as you are keeping many contractors families going. Remember, deceased architect Gill Concord, refered me to you, as said, ""you are a keeper"", as not only know architecture, but a have great foresite as a contractor to boot.
Rolling Hills Developer.

     How many realtors would list, stage and sell our Pasadena property, and find this awesome home in Huntington Harbor. You stayed with us for more than a year, worked with my wife- to-be, day in day out, and all I had to do was sign on the x. Your hard labor landed…this beautiful home in Huntington Harbor. Thanks Jim.
X Pasadena.

    You know it was a rough market. Nothing available. You kept persisting, I would look at the properties, make offers, nothing happened. Many times, I thought for sure I lost your service. Even with nothing on the market, I kept getting e-mails, e-mails, e-mails and more e-mails, from you, to search for new listings; which seemed to get gobbled up within a few hours. You found me this unique hideaway in Orange Park Acres, something I would dream about in upstate Mts of New York. Even though there was a language problem with the other listing agents, you stuck with the transaction and closed the deal. I have a long drive home, but is well worth it. Financing was superb via WFB.
Orange Park Acres.

     Excellent property manager. You managed this 6 acre estate, got the property sellable, sold the property and found us a much more manageable property in South County. We were sinking fast, and with your property management experience, along with your realtor skills, my family was able to flip a sinking ship and relocate.
South County Newbie.

     Jim, I met you during a Rossmoor open house. You are professional. I kept your business card for a couple of years, contacted you and surprised you remembered me. You labored hard, and sold my house along with mom’s old Long Beach house, and found us a new home in Lake Country. The three transactions went perfect.
Norwalk-Long Beach Family.

     King of Rentals, you always keep our home rented, even during RE Crashes. Your PM services are the best along with personal, & one on one care, to our investment, tenants and best landlord in Dairy Valley.
Prime Investment Landlord.

     My husband said I would never own a home after being divorced from him. Met you during an open house, you followed me to the courts, pleaded with the judge during a messy divorce, and I won the fight against my husband> you found this nice starter home in Long Beach~~~ for my three children and myself. Did not know realtors would help in court, but you came through perfect. My life is getting back to normal, got a good job in West Los Angeles, boyfriend, and my family is attaching to the Long Beach lifestyle. Even on the Saturday, before closing, you took time to help me sign docs, you found an error and sent all of the docs back to Lender, to reprint......you covered all aspects of the deal, even if you were not get a commission by lender....Hurray Jimmy.
Los Altos Mom and kids.

       Home- Sweet- Home; Your listening was our first home. Your details even extended over to post escrow & after we moved in. Love the home, the neighborhood and the kids like ABC School District.
Very clean home, as neither my wife nor I missed anytime from work, during the move.
East Lakewood Vintage.

      Jas: You sold mom's pink palace estate, brokered her pink car and boat. Family did not know what to do w/ all of moms pink apparal, as you found home for her clothes, etc @ a homeless shelter in Buena Park. Mom knew you from church, as I am sure she is proud you, as you did an outstanding job of finding new owners for her property and went beyond the duties of a realtor and liquidated her estate.
Heirs in Nelle Gaile.

     Thanksgiving weekend, you said and guaranteed, we could have a home by Christmas. No realtor would work with us, as we were a mixed race couple. Even a couple transactions you made for us, the buyers would not sell to a mixed raced couple! Wow, even you stayed on!!! You found us this beautiful country club home, impeccable shape, and we closed escrow week before Christmas. You not only worked with a mixed race couple, you guarantee delivery, and you worked many hours till midnight fulfilling & delivering your guarantee…..Our dream came true.
Long Beach Mix.

     Hmmmm, Jim first thought you were crazed, as you had a whole string of " Drive-By-Open" houses between Lakewood and Buena Park......well it worked, as you sold our home and found us a new REO in Fullerton Sunny Hills. Great job and my husband has a new PT Job, of retro the REO. You are strict in nature, when it comes to staging and cleanliness, but it paid off, as not aware of its importance. Will reuse your services, when & if we downsize. Thanks & good luck in your life.

Sunny Hills Family of 4

     You are a buyers agent. During a tight market, I had worked with 26 other Long Beach realtors, no results. I wanted a condominium, in my price range, in Long Beach, on Ocean Boulevard. You delivered. Big thanks. I am a teacher, can come home from school work, look at the Queen Mary, and relax. This is Long Beach lifestyle at the Max.

Queen Mary Teacher.

    Being transferred into Los Angeles, thanks Jim, you really know the territory. We sat down during an interview, and could not believe, the questions you asked, trying to brain search both my wife and myself. It paid off. You narrowed the search down to a few communities, in both Los Angeles and Orange County, and we are more than happy with your choice. It’s a little bit of the Midwest, little bit of the forest, and an easy drive to work. Transfer to Honda Motors, was worth it.

La Habra

     James- you have listed and sold for many Long Beach Policemen. Will use your realtor services indefinitely, because you came through two times for me. You sold my home, staged the home and it sold for over asking price. I am very happy; you found my family a home with income producing units. This is a great investment in Naples, Long Beach.

Long Beach police.

     Have flipped over 100 transactions with you. I have been a Long Beach broker for many years, but did not know the (ins and outs) compared to your "wealth of services". This last sale was unbelievable, even with the murder adjacent to the listed property, you delivered a sale for one of my clients. Have known your dad for a lifetime, and you’re an exact copy. Keep up the good work, as you are a military fighter.

Long Beach Broker.

    You analyze my property as a realtor and a contractor. YOU WERE BLUNT. You said move out the interiors furnishings, and build a garage. Thought you were crazy. Did what you said, the home sold within three weeks. It had been on the market with two other realtors and no results. To this day, I cannot believe a realtor would want to increase the listing price, after listed with two other realtors and no results. Happy and enjoy your bonus, from us, as you are worth your commission and bonus.

Moved out of Lakewood.

    Mr Mr Photo man. THANK YOU! Every AM, open my front door to RE Photos, escrow papers and
everything else. When do you sleep? Thanks Jimmy, for finding me this new home and selling my old home, without me knowing squat about real estate and computers. YOU DID EVERYTHING. I was scarred I would be homeless, as I did not want to sell my home and move out and not have a home. You did it all and were above my dreams. You even called the movers and changed over all of the utilites.....Anyone who uses your services, are getting one stop shopping.......you are a real take charge dad and your family should be very proud to have you....thanks again.

Hi in Anaheim Hills.

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